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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fiercely Fabulous, my First Female Aviator Spotlight! Meet Rachelle Spector, a real Flying Rock Star!

Are your seatbelts fastened?!! Boy, do I have a great treat for you, my Fantastic Flying Friends. Behold ~ My first Female Aviator!!! WooHoo!!! Wow, talk about Rock Star, she's the Real Deal!

I have been admiring Rachelle's adventures through Instagram. I used to live in Los Angeles, been around a studio or two and it's not the Hollywood life that resonates with me when I catch glimpses of her adventures in pictures and posts shared. What resonates is her fiery passion for Life, adventure, fun, her business ventures and love for aviation.

Her zest for Life, fantastic energy and that brilliant smile all shine bright through any smartphone or computer! A real Wonder Woman who is living it up to the fullest. Continue with the Carpe Diem, Rachelle. Shine bright & keep inspirining!

Everyone, it is my pleasure to give you Rachelle Spector's responses and avi pictures! I hope you enjoy her responses and action shots as much as I did. Inspiring read!

Question 1: Tell me your Love at First Flight story and how you fell in love with aviation - where & when was your first flight? Also, what did you fly?

Interestingly enough, I never thought I would be a pilot. Nor did I have a dream of becoming one.  Until, that is, I took my first flight!  It was by total chance and quite a funny story how it all began, but in a nutshell, I met my flight instructor on Facebook. He invited me to take a free test flight just for fun. Honestly, I thought he was not being serious so I suggested us meet very early the next morning!  Which he, to my surprise, agreed.  Little did I know that just by hopping into a little Cessna 172s at Van Nuys aiport, at the end of August 2010 my fate would be sealed forever.  I was hooked immediately and quickly grew a huge passion for flying. Not to mention I was very good at it too!  Today, over 3 1/2 years later,  I certainly could not imagine my life without aviation.  

Question 2: What is the best advice you can give to fellow pilots?  

Always be safe than sorry.  If you are scared or nervous about anything don't be afraid to say something or admit it!  Or if you don't know something always ask or do the research.  Better to be a safe pilot alive than a macho one that is dead. 
AND the biggest thing is that your private ticket is a license to learn.  There is so much to aviation, I don't care if you are the most experienced pilot in the world or a beginner, there is always something new to learn or discover.
Question 3: What is your favorite part of being involved in aviation?  

The feeling of pride and the sense of freedom that you get when you are in the air by yourself soaring high above everything else.  Also being a woman in aviation makes it that much more of an incredible accomplishment.

Question 5: What are your favorite airports that you've flown into and why? 

My favorite airports so far are:

1. Catalina, because it is one the most dangerous and tricky airports of them all.  It sits high in the Pacific Ocean on a plateau so you don't have any ground references to go off of to determine where you are in relation to the runway.  Not to mention the buffalo burgers at the restaurant are amazing!  

2. Big Bear.  Another fun and tricky place to land because it sits in between the mountains and the winds can be quite tricky.  But a beautiful place to visit.

3.  KLAS.  Was cool to land there with the big boys and fly by the strip on final.

4.  Harris Ranch.  Very tiny and narrow strip in central california.  Great steaks at the restaurant too!

5. Vail Colorado.  Pretty tricky approach but absolutely gorgeous!

6.  Napa, CA.  Need I say more?!  Although I want to mention that the line guys here loved my plane so much they surprised me and made me a custom chalk to match the pink on my plane.  How cool!

LOVE this pic!!:-D So awesome, I may re-enact it here on the East Coast!!
Looking Fab!


Sweet action shot!

Loving it!:-)

Nice ride!
I likie!!

Pretty in pink!

Aviation love all the way!

Rachelle ~ I know how much jet setting you're doing because I enjoy your Instagram posts!:-) Thank you so much for taking time to share your responses, avi pictures and passion for aviation with me and my aviation enthusiast audience! I'm looking forward to further inspiration from your posts shared.

Next time I'm back in LA (sometime this year is my plan!), if you're in town I'd love a ride in your awesome plane!! What do you say?!:-)

Happy and Safe Flying, Always!!

You can follow Rachelle on Instagram @RachelleSpector and on Twitter @RachelleSpector

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  1. Rachelle Spector is one of the most popular and my favorite female rock singers, I love this post. I feel she had a lot of fun that day. As always she is looking very pretty in these pictures too.